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Today we want to tell you about the new fashion drug, increasingly popular and that is wreaking havoc among young people. This is the drug Molly, and in this article, we will see its main characteristics, we will know its effects and potential dangers. Let’s start the tour …


1. What is Molly

Actually, Molly is not a new drug but a “pure” form of ecstasy. Its main effect is to produce euphoria since it is a stimulant of the nervous system, and its use usually occurs in nightclubs and electronic parties.


2. How Molly is consumed

Molly is consumed orally through pills or capsules, although it has also been seen in lick papers (such as LSD ) or injectable versions. The effect of a dose of Molly on the brain lasts a couple of hours, after which comes a period of unpleasant side effects.


3. What are Molly’s effects on consumers

Those who use Molly are exposed to various harmful effects, some momentary, and some permanent. Among them are a dangerous increase in body temperature, depression, increased heart rate, irrational behavior, and possible psychotic behaviors.


4. Molly’s composition

In its pure form, Molly is composed of the so-called methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Most doses of Molly are adulterated with other much more toxic substances such as caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines, and PCP (phencyclidine).


5. How Molly acts on the brain

The action Molly on the brain starts half an hour of consumption, and its primary form of work is on a number of neurotransmitters, causing a release of those who cause pleasure and euphoria as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.


6. Who consumes Molly

Molly’s primary consumers are teenagers and young people between 12 and 24 years old, who are just getting started in the world of drugs and use it during parties and concerts, thanks to their feeling of euphoria and disinhibition. Many times it is ingested in combination with energy drinks.


7. Immediate dangers of consuming Molly

Many consume Molly as they consider it a safe drug because of its purity, but most doses are mixed with other, even more, dangerous chemicals. When their effects disappear, young people can suffer from seizures, rapid changes in body temperature, and also be in a coma. The brain damage may be irreversible.

Did you know this data about Molly? Drugs are dangerous, and, as much as some, such as marijuana, have health benefits, most of them are addictive and even fatal.

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